At the extreme northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, in Alt Empordà (Alt Empordà), in one of the oldest lands in the Mediterranean world, there is an enormous cultural richness. Below you will find some recommendations to visit and get to know the beautiful land of Empordà.

25 centuries of Wine culture

Wine appeared in Catalonia probably around the sixth century BC, thanks to the largest Greek colony in the country, Empúries, a city that after several centuries would give its name to the region of Empordà. Traditionally, Empúries is considered the gateway through which the Greeks introduced the cultivation of the vine to the peninsula.

Art and Empordà

Empordà – frontier territory that fascinates by the landscape, the light of the Mediterranean, quiet villages and its people – is the cradle and refuge to many artists. Salvador Dalí is probably the best known of all. He is considered one of the greatest representatives of Surrealism, and as one of the most famous painters of the 20th century.

Nature – between sea and mountains

Our region offers a landscape of contrasts. Limited to the north by the Pyrenees and to the east by the Mediterranean Sea, with its spectacular Costa Brava, Empordà is a unique place, an extraordinary territory between the sea and the mountains, marked by the presence of the northern wind, the Tramontane.


Geographical characteristics of this region – the sea, the plain and the mountains – allow us to propose an offer of various products from agriculture, livestock and fisheries. The synergie or combination of local products – the cuisine “sea and mountain” – is one of the most characteristic elements of the Empordà gastronomy that fuses dishes full of flavours and contrasts with the essence of l’Empordà gastronomy: its terroir , its climate and its landscape.

The gastronomy of Empordà is a world reference of avant-garde, creative and high-quality gastronomy. A culinary revolution born in the ovens of Ferran Adrià’s restaurant El Bulli has influenced a generation of new chefs who now offer unique gastronomic experiences in their establishments.